Picture Media wanted a complete digital asset management system including both an internal system for managing their catalogues of millions of digital images and associated metadata, as well as an external system providing a flexible, fully featured online search and ordering interface.

Picturemedia Casestudy

The Solution

We developed a custom image library to create an enhanced online presence for Picture Media. The external website is intuitive and makes the process of finding and ordering images quick and easy. The system integrates seamlessly with their back end Extensis Portfolio 8 to create a complete, robust and proven digital asset management solution.

Benefits and features

Increased sales

By simplifying the search process, images are easy to search and purchase.

Increased Sales
Improved usability

Improved usability

It’s now fast and simple to find the types of images that customers are looking for, and they can keep a record of their favourite images for future viewing.


The system was built using ASP.NET. It includes a centralised Microsoft SQL Server database, capable of storing millions of images, image attributes (metadata), and keywords. The customer interface was developed in ASP.NET using Stylesheets and JQuery with support for all major web browsers.

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