By taking full advantage of the benefits of WordPress as a web development platform, Intergy equip our clients with competitively priced websites and powerful Content Management Systems which strengthen their presence in the digital landscape.

What is wordpress?

Initially introduced as a user-friendly blogging tool, WordPress has evolved into an effective publishing platform and an efficient Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is by far the most popular CMS on the world wide web today (comprising over 23% of all sites), with plenty of free or inexpensive plug-ins available. Because of its popularity, it is also a target for hackers, so precautions are necessary! It is an open source platform, based on PHP and MySQL.

WordPress advantages


WordPress allows customisation in so many areas in web development. Themes, scripts, and plugins are easily customisable in WordPress. HTML, PHP, and CSS code found in the themes can be edited to develop advanced features and visual effects.


WordPress has over 20,000 plugins which allow users and developers to extend the abilities of the site beyond its core installation. Plugins include widgets and navigation bars that enhance content displaying features.


WordPress allows users and developers to have more than one site in a single installation.

Central administration

Making its multi-site capability even better, WordPress is equipped with a central administration feature which enables users and developers to manage their sites easily.

Mobile application

WordPress is available as a mobile app in Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry which is perfect for bloggers or administrators on the go.


A permalink remains unchanged even as it moves from the front page to the archives, so link rot is prevented.

Seo friendly

WordPress has a very clean code structure which makes public search engines like Google happy. Consequently, assuming the content is relevant, WordPress sites can achieve decent Google search rankings which is highly important in generating site traffic.

Social networking compatible

WordPress can be easily integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This feature improves the reach of the site by tapping audience in the social networking landscape.

Interaction ready

WordPress has a built-in interaction feature just like social media platforms. This significantly increases the engagement and interaction rate a company gets from its customers.

Ease of use

Learning how to manage a WordPress site is relatively easy as it has an intuitive interface. After minimal training, formatting and adding pages, posts, or images can be done quickly and without difficulty.

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