This week we are delighted to bring you a guest post from our very own, Technical Project Manager, Karthikeyan Danuskodi (Karthi). Karthi has worked with hundreds of our clients to understand their needs and challenges, to ensure that we exceed their expectations.

Karthi will share his secrets of success for a technical project.

Karthi joined us as a Senior .NET Software Engineer, until he moved across to become a Technical .NET Project Manager. Karthi is one of our most trusted project managers. Karthi has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He brings over eighteen years of experience from the IT industry, including the MSNBC project (a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC News channel), and six years with us.


Karthi’s five habits of a successful technical project manager:


Have a plan, with SMART measures and realistic expectations. By getting agreement up-front the project will have strong foundations to move towards success


Great leadership, where one has set clear goals, with a strong vision and ensured this has been well communicated to motivate a team to believe in those goals.


Be an innovator, by adopting the latest technologies and tools. Consistently look for new ways of doing things in a simple and efficient way. Never stop learning – stay-up-to-date with new technologies and trends to implement in future projects, providing real value to clients.


Work with a great team – all projects can present challenges, but a friendly and cooperative team environment where everyone understands their roles and responsibility support a winning formula. Be sure to engage a team that will bring the right expertise for the task at hand.


Spend time reflecting and evaluating, what worked? What didn’t’ work? What could be improved next time around? Spending time on this critical step, means you will keep on improving and growing.

A recent project that Karthi worked on, the Cordell Abacus project, was a complex solution and certainly had its fair share of technical challenges. But it was delivered on time and budget, resulting in a delighted client team who can, quite simply, get more done in a day now. He attributes this successful outcome to strong client engagement, i.e. having a very committed and responsive “product champion” at the client end is critical.

When Karthi isn’t driving successful projects for our clients, he spends time with his family and friends, enjoying his love of reading, gardening and growing his antique collection.

If you would like to have a chat with Karthi or one of the team at Intergy, get in touch today.

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