Companies in the manufacturing industry are facing increased competition from technically adequate competitors. Without an investment in software development for long term, your business could soon be left behind.

Manufacturing software development services offers businesses in the manufacturing industry the opportunity to successfully scale their businesses through smart technology.  Software applications that manage their complicated manufacturing process, including production machine integration, task allocation and workflow, quality and compliance, field-service mobility, product information management, as well as managing the standard business processes like quoting, logistics, billing and CRM.  Businesses can then react to changing customer demands more quickly.

What is Manufacturing Software Development?

Many manufacturing businesses are now finding that out-of-the-box software simply won’t give them the functionality needed to run their business exactly the way they want to.

Manufacturing software development incorporates custom solutions, giving you complete control over how your business runs. At Intergy, we have a wide range of options, regardless of where you are in your digital transformation.

We can enhance and add functionality to your legacy systems, integrate new applications and software package to work with your current software systems, and provide high quality web-based solutions. We also believe in a flexible-work approach, which is why our solutions are responsive and we provide rich mobile applications.

One of the biggest challenges for many businesses in the manufacturing industry is product information management. We provide powerful manufacturing software development systems which allow you to manage vast catalogues of products across regions and markets.

Business owners wear multiple hats, which is why up-to-date information is crucial. One of the best ways to ensure you’re making the right decisions at the right time is by implementing a smart business dashboard. This means you can take advantage of real-time monitoring, and get ongoing insights into the operational aspects of your business.

Intergy Consulting provides world class tailor made Software development for manufacturing companies helps to increase employee productivity, centralise data, automate low-skill tasks, and improve organisation throughout the company.

How it works

Manufacturing software solutions extend to every critical process in your business. We design custom solutions to provide process automation, quality control, and more.


The first step is to work closely with you to identify what you would like your software or app to do.


You may have already noticed that there are holes in your business where you don’t have as much information as you’d like, your employees are spending too much time on basic tasks, or you have trouble with product management.


Whatever your needs, we’ll brainstorm with you and make suggestions based on our vast experience providing software development solutions for a wide range of companies in many different industries.

The next part of manufacturing software development is the actual development process. We take your needs into consideration every step of the way, creating software that’s intuitive, streamlined, easy-to-use, and able to be used across a variety of devices.
If you’re ready to move your business forward this year, let’s talk about your options. Get in touch today to learn more.

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