AlphaOne College, a coaching and tutoring institution catering to students from kindergarten through to Year 12, faced a challenge with their existing learning portal. Since their existing portal was part of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, it lacked the flexibility required to accommodate the custom functions essential for AlphaOne's growing business. The limitations of the legacy commercial software product prompted AlphaOne to seek a better and more flexible solution, leading them to engage Intergy Consulting.


The Solution

Custom Software Development by Intergy - Learning Portal Transformation

AlphaOne's solution unfolded across two distinct phases. Initially utilising the existing commercial software product, AlphaOne sought to build a separate portal with enhanced functionalities. Intergy's role was to develop this new portal while seamlessly integrating all relevant data from the existing product. The objective was to maintain the existing workflow but introduce a level of customisation that the existing generic commercial software product couldn't provide. This first phase would be achieved through the new learning portal integrating with the legacy platform through APIs, and the process of building this functionality was taken on by Intergy.

Phase 1

An Interim Solution - Elevating Functionality within Limitations

In the initial phase of collaboration with AlphaOne College, Intergy embarked on a transformative journey to address the limitations posed by the existing platform. This phase was strategically designed as an interim solution, aiming to enhance the functionality of the learning portal while seamlessly integrating with the off-the-shelf package. Here's an in-depth look at the key components of Phase 1:​


Redevelopment of the existing application in a Brand-New Environment by Intergy

The pivotal step of redeveloping the legacy commercial platform within a new environment underscores Intergy's commitment to innovation and adaptability. By creating a bespoke environment, Intergy not only mitigated the limitations of the legacy platform but laid the groundwork for a more customised and flexible learning platform that aligns precisely with AlphaOne's unique requirements in the future (Phase 2).​

Addressing Limitations - Unleashing Customisation Potential by Addressing Key Needs

The legacy commercial platform, while a valuable tool, had inherent limitations in customisation. Intergy's intervention in Phase 1 was instrumental in addressing these constraints. The redevelopment process allowed for tailored functionalities, ensuring that AlphaOne's specific needs and aspirations could be met without compromise.


Linking the Existing Functions of the Admin/Staff Portal with the New Environment​

Seamless continuity was a priority in Phase 1. Intergy meticulously linked the existing functions of the Admin/Staff Portal with the new environment. This linkage ensured a smooth transition for administrative and staff processes, minimising disruptions and facilitating a user-friendly experience during the initial integration phase.​

Streamlining Internal Processes - User Management Linking​

Efficient management of user data is fundamental to any educational institution. Intergy's focus on linking user management further streamlined internal processes, providing a cohesive approach to handling user data. This not only enhanced the overall efficiency of administrative tasks but also laid the groundwork for a more robust and integrated user experience.​


Family and Student Management (Specific to Each Branch) - Tailoring Services to Individual Branches ​

Intergy tailored family and student management functionalities to be branch specific. This customisation ensured that services could be precisely aligned with the distinct needs of individual branches, fostering a sense of personalisation and relevance.​

Calendar Functionality - Dynamic Scheduling with Student Integration​

The calendar functionality introduced in Phase 1 was a dynamic tool that revolutionised scheduling. Enabling dynamic scheduling with student integration, this feature allowed for a more responsive and adaptable calendar system. Students could seamlessly integrate with their schedules, providing a holistic view of their educational journey.​


Independent Student Features - Empowering Independent Learning​

Empowering independent learning was a key objective of Phase 1. By introducing features specifically catering to independent students, Intergy provided tools and resources that fostered a self-directed learning environment. This not only supported individualised learning paths but also contributed to a more empowered and engaged student body.​

Data Export Capability - Streamlining Invoice, Contacts, and Family Details​

Our introduction of data export capability was pivotal in streamlining essential aspects such as invoicing, contacts, and family details. This feature not only facilitated the extraction of critical data for administrative purposes but also ensured a seamless flow of information between the learning portal and other operational facets of the college.​





Phase 2 of the project involved providing the following bespoke requirements in the brand-new environment developed by Intergy:

Expanded User Logins: Tailoring Access for Varied Roles​

In the landscape of online tutoring, recognising the diverse roles within the learning ecosystem is paramount. The introduction of expanded user logins—ranging from parents overseeing their child's educational journey to independent learners and dedicated tutors—facilitates a nuanced and personalised interaction. This stratified approach ensures that each user type has access to functionalities aligning with their specific needs, ultimately fostering a more tailored and effective online learning experience.​


Comprehensive Calendar: Orchestrating Schedules with Finesse​

The incorporation of a comprehensive calendar addresses the intricate scheduling demands of an online tutoring college. Offering a holistic view of schedules empowers parents, students, and tutors to align seamlessly with class timings, assignment deadlines, and other vital events. This not only streamlines operational efficiency but also enhances time management for all stakeholders, contributing to a well-coordinated and structured learning environment.​

Advanced Class/Tutor Management: Optimising Educational Resources​

Efficient allocation of tutors to classes is a linchpin in the success of an online tutoring institution. The advanced class/tutor management feature optimises tutor allocation, ensuring that each tutor's expertise aligns with the subject matter and requirements of the class. This not only maximises the impact of tutoring sessions but also contributes to a more cohesive and effective educational strategy.​


Enrolment Process Redesign: Streamlining Student Registration​

The enrolment process redesign is geared towards simplifying the often-intricate task of student registration. By streamlining this crucial administrative step, the portal ensures a smoother onboarding experience for both parents and students. This simplicity in the enrolment process translates to quicker access to educational resources, contributing to a positive and user-friendly interaction with the online learning platform.​

Automated Waiting List and Notifications: Strengthening Parent Communication​

The implementation of an automated waiting list and notifications system is a testament to AlphaOne's commitment to transparent and efficient communication with parents. This feature not only keeps parents informed about class availability but also provides automated notifications when a slot becomes accessible. This proactive approach enhances parent engagement and contributes to a more collaborative learning environment.​


Content Management: Broadcasting Information Effectively​

The content management aspect, encompassing announcements, materials, and solutions, serves as a centralised hub for disseminating critical information. This feature allows seamless communication of announcements, availability of study materials, and presentation of solutions to challenges. This centralised approach not only streamlines information flow but also ensures that all stakeholders have access to consistent and up-to-date educational resources.​

Tutor Timesheet Export Report: Transparent Reporting for Accountability​

Facilitating transparent reporting, the tutor timesheet export report feature ensures a comprehensive overview of tutor activities. This transparency is instrumental in maintaining accountability and allows for data-driven insights into tutor engagement, aiding in performance evaluations and resource optimisation.​


Make-up Classes Functionality: Managing Absences Effectively​

Recognising the inevitability of student absences, the make-up classes functionality provides a structured way to manage missed sessions. This feature not only allows for efficient rescheduling but also ensures that students can catch up on missed content, contributing to a more adaptive and accommodating learning model.​

Email Templating and User-Friendly Interfaces: Enhancing Communication and Accessibility​

Email templating, embedded within a user-friendly interface, serves as a powerful tool for enhancing communication. The ability to streamline communication through templated emails ensures consistency and saves time, while a user-friendly interface enhances accessibility, contributing to an overall positive user experience.

Each of these functionalities was built into AlphaOne’s user experience to address specific challenges within the online tutoring landscape, highlighting AlphaOne College's commitment to providing a cutting-edge and user-centric educational platform.



  • Frameworks: PHP and Laravel
  • Web Application : JavaScript-based
  • Hosting : Azure (Azure Database SQL)


AlphaOne College's journey exemplifies how custom software development is pivotal for unlocking the potential of medium-sized companies through innovative operational software. By engaging Intergy to help transcend the limitations of an off-the-shelf solution, AlphaOne gained a tailored, efficient learning portal that met their unique requirements. This case underscores the potential of custom software development to transform experiences within the education sector in New South Wales, and Intergy are proud to have been a key element in this process.

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