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The Boating Industry Association (BIA) is a not-for-profit organisation that acts as the peak body in Australia representing recreational boating and light commercial marine operators. Their goal is to support marine businesses to thrive and grow whilst promoting the maritime industry as a whole. It is comprised of boating industry experts, specialists in marine trades, and professional subject matter experts within the industry. In total, BIA represents over 650 organisations across the marine industry, and enables the boating industry of Australia to be supported, grow in number, popularity, and financial stability. Members within BIA include manufacturers, salespeople, storage vendors, servicing bodies, and tourism organisations. Through synergising these bodies and connecting maritime organisations with contractors and other stakeholders, BIA plays an imperative role in supporting the Australian maritime industry.


In collaboration with the Boating Industry Association (BIA), Intergy designed a system to revolutionise the way contractors and marine businesses manage their Work Health and Safety compliance, vendors, and marine administrators work. We created a bespoke software application that connects verified workers with streamlined tasks in the marine industry. We did this through upgrading and modernising the existing BIA CMS Applications, developing the Marine Card website, and creating a brand-new Access Management System for marine operators.
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BIA needed a new software application to be a holistic solution that would connect contractors with vendors and other personnel within the maritime industry. Their existing solution did not include a single source of truth Access Management System or provide an efficient sign-on function for on-site workers. They reached out to Intergy as a custom software agency to provide consulting and auditing of their existing processes, and develop a new AMS that fulfilled all of their requirements.
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The Solution

The Boating Industry Association (BIA) plays a pivotal role in connecting skilled, qualified, insured, and identified workers to jobs in the marine industry. To streamline and simplify contractor and compliance management at marine industry worksites, Intergy Consulting partnered with BIA to develop the Access Management System (AMS). This cutting-edge system automates access management through a tablet-based sign-in process and venue-specific QR codes, offering both contractors and facility operators an efficient and user-friendly solution.

Access Management System (Member Portal):

The Member Portal is a signing-in system for visiting contractors, designed to register the Marine Card profile to check induction status and up-to-date insurance for work on-site. This streamlines the signing-in and out process, eliminating the need for checking paperwork. It ensures that information remains current by sending timely reminders before expiry, benefiting contractors, marina operators, and boat owners alike.

Access Management System (Admin Portal):

The Admin Portal provides venue administrators with a clear visual overview of contractor and visitor activity on-site. It offers a suite of notification and reporting options for effective administration, record management, and security. The system’s phone and tablet versions make it convenient to monitor venues remotely, ensuring ongoing insurance coverage and the integrity of key information. Contractors are automatically alerted via email when insurance documents are due for renewal, giving them ample time to update as required.

Raving Reviews

Greg Mead, the Marina Manager at Birkenhead Point Marina provided an amazing review of the system, stating that “Marine Card and AMS make contractor management simple and efficient,” and that “it takes all the effort out of having to check the insurances of the tradespeople working on boats as this is done automatically each time they sign in.” Greg also mentioned that the system is “Easily customisable to suit our specific times and issuing of keys” and “has the ability to create a manifest and send an SMS in the event of an emergency,” finally stating “we recommend this system to all marinas.” We could not be more thrilled with Greg’s review and the fact that this system has streamlined and modernised what was once a time-consuming, menial process. This enables staff working at marinas and on marine vessels to focus on more important tasks and makes the contracting process far more manageable.

Marine Card Website

The Marine Card Website offers multiple functionalities to assist marine card holders:
Upon successful completion of the Marine Card induction, a profile is created on the Marine Card Website. This profile allows users to log in, upload insurance documents, and update work details conveniently.

QR Code and Mobile Device Registration:

The QR code and mobile device registration feature enables contractors and their dependent staff to sign in profiles digitally upon arriving at the site. By tapping into the AMS touchscreen with their Marine Card number and PIN or scanning the venue-specific QR code on their smart devices, contractors can effortlessly enter their details. The system checks the Cardholder’s profile against access metrics set by the Venue Administrator, such as insurance value and currency. If the criteria are met, contractors are automatically logged into the venue.
bia QR Code and Mobile Device Registration

Results and Impact

Intergy Consulting’s collaboration with BIA on the Marine Card project has revolutionised access management in the marine industry, resulting in the following key outcomes:

Technologies Used:

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3


The BIA Marine Card project developed by Intergy Consulting represents a significant leap forward in access management for the marine industry. This innovative solution streamlines processes, enhances compliance, and ensures a secure and efficient system for both contractors and facility operators. The project’s success highlights our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, safety, and collaboration in the maritime sector.

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