Business Health is an independent organisation specialising in customised advice and solutions to the financial services industry. In collaboration with the highly experienced Business Health leadership team, Intergy constructed a suite of software tools designed to analyse a firm’s strengths and weaknesses – and show them how to utilise recommendations to their best advantage; capitalise on their existing client base; develop invaluable networks and alliances and increase their financial performance, personnel management, and customer service effectiveness. The platform caters to individual advisors and larger corporations/advisory bodies, empowering business leaders to make informed decisions based on comprehensive assessments and feedback.


The Problem

The challenge at hand was to develop a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform that could accurately evaluate the health of businesses across various dimensions. This required integrating diverse functionalities to provide a holistic assessment, including internal KPI (key performance indicators) evaluation, financial health analysis, future planning and forecasting, and benchmarking against industry peers.


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The Solution

We leveraged our expertise in software development and strategic planning to deliver Business Health’s application, a versatile platform comprising five main functions


Technologies Used

The Business Health platform was built using cutting-edge technologies, including the .NET platform and SQL Server Database, running on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. These technologies ensured robust performance, scalability, and security, allowing Business Health to leverage the platform with confidence.

Over the years we have been enhancing the application platform with essential features, expanding the platform abilities. We have integrated with other financial institutions via secured Web API communication, created effective reports using AsposePDF for .NET and DevExpress Charts to represent the statistical data, and recently migrated the platform to the latest operating system for better performance, security, and stability.

Businesses using Business Health have reported:



The Business Health platform represents a significant milestone in the realm of business assessment and management. By combining advanced technology with strategic expertise, Intergy has delivered a solution that empowers businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Business Health is not just a software platform; it is a catalyst for transformation, enabling businesses to achieve sustainable growth and success.

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