Open Colleges is Australia’s largest private provider of distance education with over 30,000 actively enrolled students with excellent guide and a consultation.

Open Colleges

The Solution

We created a website called “Edupay” to manage the enrolment and payment processing for studying with Open Colleges. Students can use Edupay to enrol and pay for courses online.

Benefits and features

Improved customer experience

Students can now securely complete online transactions and enter their personal details effortlessly. They can also purchase their courses online with flexible payment options, such as part-payment to better meet their students needs. Open Colleges can now offer incentives and discounts through their online payment gateway.

Improved Customer Experience
Improved Usability

Informed decision making

The secure payment gateway provides real-time data and reporting to management teams. Campaigns can be tracked more easily when different incentives or discounts are adopted.

Increased revenue

By making it simpler and easier to complete transactions online, Open Colleges were ultimately able to increase their revenue potential.

Increased Revenue
Increased Productivity

Increased productivity

By streamlining the internal billing process, the manual set-up of a loan is now an automated process, leading to increased accuracy while saving a significant amount on administrative overhead.


Student personal data details are captured, stored securely, and safely transferred to PCI compliant third-party payment gateways.



User interfaces were developed using ASP.NET framework 4.0. SOAP Web Services to integrate with third party applications. SQL Server 2008 was used as a database for Edupay, and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) was used for all reporting.

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