Launched in 2018, Eating4Vitality first started with the simple but powerful question – “What can we do to make it easier for people to eat healthily so they can enjoy more vitality?”. Since then, founders Sue and Rod have combined their expertise in nutrition, science, writing and photography to start Eating4Vitality. A company dedicated to encouraging people to eat healthily by giving them a comprehensive nutritional program to guide them throughout their journey. A key challenge was to deliver a web based platform where people can start their journey and have tools to personalise and manage their meal plans and nutritional program. The platform needed to deliver a vast range of content such as recipes in a way that was effortless and easy for users to access and interact with it. The team wanted to achieve this in order to enhance the user experience and also empower their community to be self sufficient and to take control of their lifestyle.

E4U Multiple Devices

The Solution

Intergy developed a mobile friendly web app that provides users with a personalised and extensive eating program to increase energy and vitality. The website offers customers a vast range of healthy meals and snack recipes and also caters for those with special diets, allergies and deficiencies. Powerful tools such as a menu planner and automated shopping list, have been provided to enhance the interactivity users can have with their nutritional program.

From Day one, the Intergy team has really looked after us. Our original concept changed significantly from what we visualized in the early days, which meant numerous additions and changes made by us as the site evolved into the most comprehensive healthy dietary program available worldwide.We set some tasks that we thought may have been unachievable for the programmers, however they patiently worked through the issues and always came up with the goods. One of the reasons we went with Intergy was because they have back-up staff who are across our project, which meant we would not be reliant on one person.They have never let us down. Our project managers are first class.We call them our interpreters (between nerd and human talk).We’ve got to know many of the staff and consider Intergy a division of our business.Apart from building a complex website, it’s also about building relationships, and that’s where Intergy shines.They might be over 1000 kms away, yet they keep in close contact and have a genuine interest in our business and what we do. Intergy = Integrity.
Rod Harvey & Sue Kira
Eating4Vitality Pty Ltd

Benefits and features

Intuitive Menu Planner

The site features an intuitive online weekly menu planner where users can easily add the meals they select from a comprehensive range of Eating4Vitality recipes. This site boasts a selection of 150 diet categories, suitable for all users looking for specialised dietary plans for certain health conditions, nutrient deficiencies, allergies and diet types. These recipes are easily accessible and can be printed or viewed digitally, which makes it a perfect kitchen companion to assist with preparing and cooking meals.

Eating4vitality Intuitive Menu Planner
Eating4vitality Automated Shopping List

Automated Shopping List

The site also includes an auto generated shopping list feature which is configured from the ingredients of recipes in the menu planner. It also offers flexibility and freedom to users by giving them the option to manually add other shopping items to their list. The shopping list also segregates the items into sections relating to different food categories e.g. fruit and veg, meat and seafood. This list can be easily printed or viewed from a desktop, tablet or mobile device making it a perfect tool when shopping on the go.

Powerful Content Management System

In terms of content, the site boasts a large range of information such as recipes, videos, tutorials etc. Intergy has developed a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that is fully integrated with the site. This CMS enables the Eating4Vitality team to seamlessly manage their site’s content with as little hassle as possible.

Eating4vitality Powerful Content Management System


The latest technologies and tools were used to develop the website.

Interface Layer

Built with a responsive web design, the interface layer is written in HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Business Rules Layer

A WordPress framework was used and Plugins (WordPress, JQuery) have been customised based on the requirements.

Data Layer

Microsoft SQL Server was used in the database layer of the system and hosted in Microsoft Azure.

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