Matt's Skip Bins (MSB), a leader in the skip bin industry catering to both residential and commercial clients, sought to streamline their operations by modernising their existing app and website. Facing inefficiencies with their previous system built on Joomla CMS and bespoke PHP technology, MSB entrusted Intergy to spearhead a comprehensive redevelopment project. Leveraging Laravel framework and Azure hosting, Intergy rebuilt the entire system, integrating advanced features and enhancing usability to meet MSB's evolving needs.

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The Solution

Features Built

Order and Inventory Management

The redesigned application serves as a centralised hub for order and inventory management, optimising internal processes for MSB. With functionalities tailored for internal use, MSB can efficiently manage orders and track inventory in real-time.

Integration with Website

Intergy seamlessly integrated the revamped app with MSB’s website, facilitating a smooth transition from order placement to fulfilment. This integration ensures a seamless experience for customers while empowering MSB with enhanced backend capabilities.

Xero Integration for Invoicing

By integrating Xero with the application, Intergy enabled automated invoicing and payment processing. Drivers can now accept payments on the spot, with transactions seamlessly reflected in Xero and the app, streamlining financial operations for MSB.


SMS Integration

Intergy implemented SMS integration to enhance communication between MSB and its customers. Customers receive timely updates and confirmations via SMS, providing transparency and improving overall customer experience.

Weighing Bridge Functionality

Intergy is in the process of implementing weighing bridge functionality, enabling MSB to accurately calculate payment for waste disposal based on weight. This feature enhances operational efficiency and provides an additional revenue stream for MSB.


Sales Functionality and Dashboards​

The app features built-in sales functionality and customisable dashboards, empowering MSB to track performance metrics and make informed business decisions. With features like run sheets, calendar integrations, and inventory management, MSB gains greater visibility and control over its operations.

Maps Integration​

Intergy developed advanced smart technology for Google Maps integration, optimising driver routes and providing visual insights into order status, job assignments, and bin handling. This feature enhances operational efficiency and ensures optimal resource utilisation for MSB.


User Management​

Intergy implemented a robust user management system with five different user levels, each with varying levels of access and visibility. These were: Driver, Factory, Manager, Office, and Super User accounts in ascending order of hierarchy. Using self-explanatory naming conventions and creating these specific functions ensures information security and maintains a clear chain of command within the organisation

Technologies Used


Through the successful redevelopment of Matt's Skip Bins' app and website, we built a modern, efficient, and user-friendly platform that enhances operational efficiency and improves customer experience. With advanced features, seamless integrations, and robust technology solutions, Intergy continues to drive innovation and transformation for businesses across industries. If you’d like to hear more about our work across a range of industries, or discuss a custom software solution for your organisation, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today.

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