There is an overwhelming myriad of tools, apps and services aimed at increasing workforce productivity. This overload of information can in fact become counterproductive.

Before looking for the right software solution to support your business process, it is important to outline what your business processes are. By mapping out the steps involved and by identifying who does what, you will create a clear case for your requirements. It may then become apparent where processes could be improved or enhanced with technology. Then it’s time to go shopping.

When searching for the right tool for your business, it is important to consider the opportunity for return on investment. This should be weighed up against the expense of the tool itself, and its implementation. If you can, try to calculate the impact that a process improvement could have on your team’s productivity. This may be from automating a manual process or by simplifying a number of steps, therefore freeing up someone’s time to focus on maximizing your earning potential.

We have seen many organisations adopt leading technology solutions, which operate in a set way. They then retro fit their business processes to fit the tool. This can often lead to processes taking longer than they did previously and requiring an entirely new ‘tech savvy’ workforce to manage the tool.

It is important to consider the cultural implications of introducing new process software. Some questions you can ask yourself: does my team have the skill to use the tool? How will it impact people’s roles? Are current processes being changed? If so, which ones and what is the impact of the change?

For those organisations that have some complexity or are unique in some way, a custom solution that is built around the way that you want to work, may be preferable.

We have found that by allowing organization to determine how they run their business, as opposed to being run by the way a system operates, there is a greater propensity for growth and competitive advantage.

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