If you’re leading a growing company, your management goals have probably become more difficult to attain over time. Running a growing business and trying to juggle all the different aspects of technology, administration and operations can be chaotic.

You may be planning to challenge some of the heavy hitters in your industry, and determine where you can get a competitive advantage. But in order to do this well, you’ll need to have all the data needed for smart decision-making at your fingertips. You’ll also need all components of your business to be integrated and synchronised.


And of course, this all needs to happen while you’re saving money.

You may not be entirely sure why you would need custom software development, or may realise you need help but be unsure where to start. You may even have considered using small business software development services already. But can be difficult to know the right time to implement.

Here are some signs you may need cutting edge small business software development services this year:

Technology is leaving your business in the dust

Business requirements continually change and evolve. While you may have started your business with software project that did everything you needed it to, it may now be obsolete. It’s not uncommon for business owners to realise that the solutions provided by their old software are no longer meeting their expectations and needs.

You may also have noticed that your software can’t cope with the large amount of data it needs to process. Maybe it has continual problems and bugs, or maybe it’s no longer supported by the developer. In this case, using small business software development services can allow you to plug the holes in your security and get back up to speed with the latest technology.

You’re drowning in spreadsheets

Still keeping records on numerous Excel spreadsheets which need to constantly be manually updated? How much time are you and your employees spending maintaining all those spreadsheets? Are they giving you the insights you need into your business?

All that data could be automatically uploaded into an app that would analyse your data. It would then give you a clear picture of what’s going on with your business in real time. A custom software solution would allow your employees to spend far less time on data entry, and more time on activities that grow your business like serving your customers.

You’re manually operating processes you could automate

If you’re still manually doing basic tasks like data entry, checking and comparing files for report generation, checking inventory, and maintaining payroll, you’re wasting time and resources on activities that could easily be automated.

By using best software development solutions for small-sized companies, you’ll save time and eliminate human errors for long term. You’re also likely to improve productivity, and you’ll keep your employees happy since they won’t be stuck doing mind-numbing tasks. You can also expect to achieve a better ROI for your business with better user experiences.

Your off-the-shelf software isn’t meeting your needs

If you originally purchased off-the-shelf software, you may have found that it’s not doing what you thought it would. Your employees may hate using it since it’s confusing, constantly gives back errors, or it’s not intuitive. You may also find that you need certain functionality, but your off-the-shelf software can only be customised in limited ways.

Choosing right software development process for small business can help you get around these issues. You may choose to upgrade to a custom software solution. Or, it could be a better idea to implement some workarounds, which would allow you to gain some flexibility. An experienced software development company can help you decide which option is the best for your business.

Even if you know you need to make some changes in your business to gain or keep a competitive edge, it can be tempting to put this decision off. But your competitors are likely to have already begun updating their systems to take advantage of newer technology. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your competitors will grab your market share, since they can better serve their customers with the latest technology.

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