You probably want your business to work as efficiently as possible, but updating your software can be a difficult expense to justify when there are so many other expenses that must also come out of your annual budget.

Sure, you may assume that you’ll be able to get by with 5-year-old software, but smart business owners know that up-to-date technology can improve customer service, improve productivity and make everyday tasks easier for employees, and keep your business running smoothly.

A good indication that it’s time to upgrade your tech, is when you notice a disconnect between technology practices in the office and in the personal lives of your employees. Since IT is ingrained into the everyday routines of most people, and much of this is based on mobility, it’s easy to assume that this would be carried over into the workplace, however often this isn’t the case.

When operations are becoming costly, time consuming, and inefficient, it’s a big warning to businesses of all sizes that you need to update your IT.

Here are a few reasons why you should regularly update your software:

It allows your team to better collaborate

Working together- even from different locations, is crucial to succeed in business today. Recent improvements in software have allowed teams around the world to work together- co-authoring documents, seeing other’s edits in real time, and easily communicating via chat and video conferencing.

It saves time in the long run

Along with all the productivity gains due to enhanced collaboration, new, cloud-based software allows you to ensure your team will always have the most up-to-date apps possible. That means less IT time wastage installing updates or patches manually, and instead, software applications update automatically in the background.

A task that takes an extra five minutes may not be a big deal initially, but when you’re multiplying this time by however many workers are performing that task every day, you’ll find that this downtime quickly adds up.

With both custom and off-the-shelf software solutions, the best developers listen to businesses to find what works for them, and what needs to be changed to ensure that productivity is continually increasing.

You’ll have greater security

Data security is continuing to become more and more complex, and businesses relying on outdated software are risking sensitive information being hacked or leaked. Upgrading your software to cloud-based apps and solutions will also mean that most updates happen in the background, and will prevent risks to company data when employees haven’t manually updated their computers.

It will be compatible with the best hardware

Older software often won’t work well (or even at all) with the latest hardware, which would prevent you from being able to upgrade your computer system to faster models. By ensuring that you have recent software, you’ll also be able to offer your employees the best hardware possible to get the job done.

You’ll achieve better customer service

With improved software, you’ll also have a greater competitive advantage, and can offer
customers the latest capabilities and innovative solutions. With employees spending less time on those routine and once time-consuming tasks, they can enjoy greater efficiency and spend more time where it matters most- providing great service to your customers.

It’s a good idea to ask yourself what exactly you want to get out of your IT. Do you want to tightly control the information people can access, need to have your data backed up, or want staff to be able to access their work from anywhere?

Making the move to better, efficient, cloud-based software can improve employee morale, enhance customer service, give you an advantage over the competition, and increase productivity throughout your business.

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