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Why Choose React?

React is a front-end development framework that enables developers to create rich user interfaces, web page components and cross-platform applications.

Used by over 42.6% of developers worldwide and with a growing community, React is by far the most popular and loved front-end framework. Its popularity comes down to the simplicity of creating fast, scalable applications. In fact, there are many benefits that make React a go-to framework for all types of development projects.

What is React.js

What is React.js?

React is a front-end JavaScript library, otherwise known as React.JS. It was developed by Facebook in a bid to solve issues on the Facebook page and make front-end code easier to understand. The idea was influenced by XHP and functional programming, with the aim of enabling developers to write once and render anywhere. The framework was built with reliability and performance in mind, with reusable user interface (UI) components, reactive views and fast rendering.

When Facebook acquired Instagram, the technology was adopted and decoupled from Facebook, leading to it becoming open source. Now, React developers are able to take advantage of the abstraction that the library offers and make their applications richer as a result. Since becoming open source, the community has grown rapidly and is filled with a great number of talented developers who continually enrich the framework, adding new features and tools. This led to the development of React Native, a cross-platform solution to enable applications to be built for any platform without the need to change the syntax. The learn once, write anywhere theory has led to React becoming an integral part of many modern software products and companies.

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What’s the Difference Between React.JS and React Native?

As we’ve touched on, ReactJS is a JavaScript library used to create cross-platform, dynamic, and high - performing UIs. React Native, on the other hand, is used for building native applications using JavaScript. In other words, ReactJS is used to build the user interface of web applications, whereas React Native is used to build applications that run on mobile devices. While React JS uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript, React Native uses native UI components and APIs.

However, while there are distinct differences between the two, mainly in terms of their application, both React JS and React Native share the same syntax. That means that developers are able to build cross - platform mobile applications using their existing knowledge of web development tools. In fact, there are more similarities than differences; they both use the same core React library, component-based architecture and JavaScript programming language. And, most importantly, they both allow you to easily build rich, interactive user experiences.

What Are the advantages of react development?

React is continually evolving, developing and improving thanks to its vast community and support from leading tech giants. Some of the many benefits it offers include:

Why Use React Development for Your Project?

Why Use React Development For Your Project

React is one of the most advanced JavaScript-based libraries for building everything from small to large, complex applications. With React, your business can easily build interactive user experiences. Moreover, you can save time, effort and money. Whether you want to build a new web or mobile application or to address your existing code base, React development is a formidable choice

As a business owner, finding a way to shorten the time to market with a new product can be a real game-changer. React offers developers a rich suite of design, development and debugging tools along with great support that ensures they can hit the ground running. What’s more, as well as saving time, you can benefit from improved user experience and better application performance.

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