Sony EMI Production Music companies are the longest established production music supplier in Australia and New Zealand and its music has been used in some of this region’s most recognised TV programs, promotions, commercials, films, and new media. EMI group decided to launch a new, portable, hard-drive-based application with advanced features (which the existing architecture could not provide) so the company needed an optimal solution.

EMI Casestudy

The Solution

We developed a standalone universal music player application. The EMI V4 Mini-Drive, a cross-platform application that added many new features, and was faster and more user-friendly than its predecessor. It’s quick and easy to navigate through the 85,000+ high definition MP3 / WAV tracks. Enhanced features mean that this solution is easy-to-use and provides an enhanced customer experience.

Benefits and features

Enhanced product proposition

Through features such as tagging and previews, it’s now quick and easy to search through a large database of music to find the right track, improving the customer experience and making it easy for media producers to self-service search and select appropriate music.

Enhanced Product Proposition
Improved Customer Experience

Improved customer experience

Customers can now easily save and organise their music according to their categorisation, and can also save track notes and comments for reference.

Increased sales

The new online ordering process, which allows users to simply click and order tracks online has resulted in increased sales.

Increased Sales
Increased system reach

Increased system reach

The system is written in Java, making it cross-platform compatible. As a result all users have access to the application and its functionality.


The application is built using Oracle Java 6.

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