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What is opencart?

OpenCart is an open source shopping cart system. It is a secure eCommerce solution for businesses who wish to set up their stores online. It runs on PHP and uses MySQL. OpenCart is rich with powerful features making it a good choice for an underlying eCommerce platform and payment gateway sites.

Notable features

1. Built-in templates

OpenCart developers can easily switch between a variety of built-in templates or merge their website’s current look into the platform.

2. Customisation ready

If a client does not want to use the built-in templates and instead, have his eCommerce site built specific to his business, OpenCart is easily customisable and user friendly.

3. Multi-store capabilities

Using OpenCart, a company can set up multiple stores utilising a single admin interface provides full flexibility in store management. Administrators can assign unlimited categories and products to different stores, set in specific prices.

4. Multiple languages, tax rates, and currencies

Each store in an eCommerce site using OpenCart can be localised according to language, tax class, and currency. The ability of OpenCart to set numerous tax zones proves to be very important in ensuring that the company is able to pay correct taxes depending on the country where the goods are shipped to or paid.

5. Built-in discount coupon system

Coupons can be created and designated to specific product or product categories. All coupons created are displayed in the Coupon Page.

6. Shipping weight calculation

Shipping rates can be calculated based on quantity, cart total, and dimensional weight or volume of items. This shipping methods calculation is accompanied with Postal Code and Category-based Shipping support.

7. Backup & restore Tool

OpenCart is equipped with a tool that allows site administrators to download a backup of the current database or restore a database to prevent any loss of important information on the eCommerce site.

8. Reports & printable invoices

OpenCart produces three (3) reports:

  • Sales Report shows the total amount of sales per month, week, or day.
  • Products Viewed lists items that are more frequently viewed by customers.
  • Products Purchased displays items with the highest sales volume enabling the client to develop targeted marketing strategies.

    9. Seo friendly

    An eCommerce site built using OpenCart is SEO friendly making it possible for all main search engines to index the site’s pages. It also features custom product and category Meta tags.

10. B2b management application

Site administrators can set different customer groups and quantity-based order discounts. Moreover, administrators can manage certain product prices to be seen only by logged in customers.

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