As an Australian-based company with an office located in India, we rely on the talent, dedication and hard work from our Indian staff members on a daily basis. Thanks to them, our business has continued to provide reliable and responsive support to our many Australian clients, over the entire pandemic so far. Sadly, some of our Indian colleagues have had family and friends affected by the coronavirus. So making a donation to the PM Cares Fund was an easy and logical decision for us. If our donation can reduce the suffering of the affected people, and provide relief where it is needed, then I can think of no better use of the money.

Intergy - PM Care Fund Donation

If you have the means, please also consider donating to the PM Cares Fund, to show your solidarity with the people of India at their time of urgent need. After all, the war against this insidious virus will not be over, borders will not open, and life will not really return to ‘normal’, until ALL countries have it under control. So let’s extend a helping hand, because we can, and beat this thing together…

Let’s share our support to PM Cares Fund.

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