Today’s tech market is hugely affected by a global talent shortage, which means recruiting talented, experienced developers for your project can be extremely challenging, not to mention costly. Even if you do happen to have the right talent in-house, it can be difficult to ensure they remain focused on one project at a time. The fact is that hiring qualified developers with the required skills for your project is almost impossible without compromising on some aspect, or exceeding your budget.

As a result, many businesses are exploring alternatives to save costs yet still meet their business objectives. Hiring a dedicated software development team can give you access to all the specific skills you require and therefore provide a much-needed boost to your in-house developer or IT team. Moreover, it can help you reach your targets without delay.

What is a Software Development Team?

A software development team is a partnership model used to achieve remote collaboration between a team of developers and a client. When you hire a software development team, you’re gaining command of a fully-fledged, well-equipped and highly-qualified team. A software development team typically comprises a range of IT specialists. The exact skill sets you need will depend on your particular development project but may include the following:

What is Meant By a Dedicated Team Model?

A dedicated team model is a team that works remotely on a project to help improve business processes, deliver additional or advanced skill sets and reduce time to market. For many other outsourcing models, the team will be an extension of your team. In this model, on the other hand, the team has its own framework and management systems and is far less dependent on you. Before we look at the dedicated team model, let’s look at the two main alternatives:

A dedicated team is a far more collaborative approach than either the fixed price or time and material models. With a dedicated team, you have a team of professionals that are hand-selected specifically to meet your business goals, resembling an in-house team. For a known and agreed monthly budget, the individuals that make up that team will be fully dedicated to your project and won’t be working on anything else. However, you don’t need to worry about admin, HR tax and other benefits; all the administrative expenses sit on their side. Instead, you can put your efforts into high-level business issues and let your development team focus on the rest.

How Does a Dedicated Software Development Team Work?

When you hire a dedicated development team, you’ll first need to outline your goals, timeline and scope for the project in question. It helps if you can specify the skills that the dedicated team members need to have and how many developers you think you’ll need to work on your project. The software development company will then pull a team together on your behalf. You then have a choice of whether to onboard the development team directly or to conduct interviews to get a better understanding of their abilities. Once your team is together, the service provider will compile a pricing system, which includes the salaries as well as their fee for the hiring period.

When you start working with a software development team, you’ll need to consider how that process works to avoid management difficulties and long-term complications. As a starting point, you’ll need to

Why Outsource Your Project to a Dedicated Development Team?

While you might be able to see the advantages of a dedicated software development team, you may wonder whether outsourcing is really the right choice for you. To help know whether a dedicated team is the answer, consider the following:

How to Choose a Dedicated Software Development Team

When it comes to hiring a dedicated software development team, you should be able to expect a similar level of professionalism and capability with your external team as with your internal team. Your development team should take the estimation process seriously, be competent, communicate clearly, value business outcomes over writing features and have integrity at all times. To help you choose the right time, you’ll want to look at the following:

How Can a Dedicated Software Development Team Help Your Business?

You shouldn’t have to let business growth be hampered by a shortage of software developers. Instead, by hiring a dedicated software development team, you can gain an invaluable extension to your existing team, either on a short or long-term basis, or project by project. By finding an experienced team that is committed to keeping up with new trends and following best practices, you can improve workflows, reduce costs, mitigate risk and develop products capable of driving long-term profit.

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Further, we provide best in class IT Staff augmentation services. Hire one or more dedicated software developers to bridge the gap of resource deficiency to manage your project tasks as per the changing business demands.

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