How to approach a legacy system rebuild

Companies around the world are currently working with ageing, complex systems that are expensive to maintain and unable to support most new business initiatives. And the problem continues to worsen, with many organisations spending a huge share of their budgets just on maintenance for their existing legacy systems. If you’re like most business

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Here’s why you need mobile website development

If you haven’t yet considered the benefits of mobile website development for your business, this is the year you need to do so. For businesses planning for growth in 2018, mobile website development is critical. Here’s why: Responsiveness Your website should adjust depending on the device that’s being used to access

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Extending business applications to mobile devices

While many business owners know they should be investing in mobile applications in order to scale effectively, it can be difficult to see how this technology can be implemented within your specific business. Extending business applications to mobile devices is becoming a priority for companies around the world. But to achieve a scalable,

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How application maintenance services can help your business grow

If you’re hoping to grow your business this year, then undertaking a focused program of software application maintenance is a great way to improve your customer service, free up time and resources within your company, while providing an excellent return on investment. This allows you to work on strategic and money-making activities instead of spending

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How to convince your boss to update your software systems

Software system updates can be a significant investment for businesses of all sizes. If you’re an SME, you’re likely to be running software that manages inventory, purchasing, customer billing, and accounting. Some companies will also use CRM and other types of software which can make the business more efficient, solving administrative headaches that would otherwise

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