What is Vue.js

Vue.js is a versatile, open-source, front-end JavaScript framework for building high-performing user interfaces and single-page applications. The framework boasts an incrementally adaptable architecture and modular composition that make it ideal for creating a maintainable and testable codebase. 

The framework enables Vue.js developers to extend the functionality of HTML applications. Meanwhile, supporting libraries and packages enable advanced features such as rooting and state management to be incorporated. The result is that Vue can be used to create complex applications from scratch as well as delivering more advanced and interactive experiences to existing applications.

The Benefits of Vue.js

Vue is a mature, tried and tested JavaScript framework that has a substantial user base including global organisations such as Apple, Google and Zoom. The reliable framework boasts several benefits, including:


Vue builds on top of standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript with intuitive API, clear and simple syntax and world-class documentation.


Vue offers a truly reactive, compiler-optimised rendering system that rarely requires manual optimisation.


the small size of Vue’s progressive front-end means that it takes less time to download on the client-side and improves speed and performance.


Vue offers an adaptable ecosystem that can scale between a library and a fully-fledged framework; it can be used to develop apps from scratch or can be integrated into existing apps based on JavaScript.


while Vue is lightweight and often used for simple use cases, it is perfectly capable of handling large scale applications.

Reusable Components

The encapsulated components can be commonly referred to as code chunks that developers can reuse as templates for similar elements.

Code Reading

Every component is stored in separate files (with each component being a single file), making code readability and maintenance a lot easier.

Our Vue.js Services

At Intergy, our experience developing with Vue enables us to deliver solutions that meet your requirements in less time while never compromising on quality or performance.

A universal framework that can effectively build web apps for all sizes and types of businesses including startups and large multinational enterprises simple to complex projects

Our Vue development services can help you to build high-performing, interactive and dynamic web applications that align with your business needs.

Vue.js can be used for a variety of projects thanks to its progressive nature. However, whatever your needs, we’ll help you to build intuitive user interfaces and user-centric solutions that align with your business. Our aim is to leverage the benefits of Vue.js to build digital products that help you get the maximum return on your investment.

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