What is Symfony Development?

Symfony is an open-source distributed PHP framework, created by French company SensioLabs, that aims to simplify development projects. Developers can choose between a set of reusable PHP components and jump-start their projects. Symfony speeds up the creation and maintenance of PHP web applications, ends repetitive coding tasks and puts the power for controlling code firmly in the developer’s hands.

With Symfony, developers can work better and faster, structuring their development projects and reusing generic modules. They can also ensure long-term maintenance, scalability and compliance by following standard development rules upheld by the framework.

The Benefits of Symfony Development?

As an internationally-recognised, dependable development environment, Symfony is a popular choice amongst developers. The framework is innovative yet easy to use and allows developers to choose the software components from other environments that they want to use. In fact, the framework for developing websites or applications written in PHP offers several benefits:


The framework delivers speed and flexibility; developers can reuse generic modules to save time and focus efforts on specific business features.


Since its release in 2005, Symfony has grown in popularity and now has a significant community of developers and contributors who work together to improve the tool.


Symfony is always innovating and continually adapts ideas from other languages into the world of PHP. Around 70% of the websites are built today uses PHP behind the scenes, Symfony contributes 20-30% of them.

Well designed

Symfony allows us to build well designed and structured projects using its OOPS service architecture. Symfony forms, listeners, dependency injections allow us to create loosely coupled applications


Symfony offers more database support compared to other popular PHP frameworks like Laravel. For example, Laravel supports MySQL, SQLite, PostGreSQL and SQL server, but Symfony along with these databases it also supports databases like Drizzle, SAP Sybase, Oracle etc.,

Our Symfony Development Services

With our technical expertise in development, integration and maintenance alongside the flexibility and speed of the Symfony framework, we’re able to create tailored and customised websites and web applications. Symfony is the ideal solution for projects that require a lot of customisations; our services include:

Technical development

With a huge amount of experience in the development and maintenance of web applications using Symfony, our developers are skilled at providing a huge range of technical solutions.

Consulting and research

We’ll examine your business, your target audience, your market and your competitors and use those insights to help develop the best possible solution using the most relevant technologies.

Custom development

Our team of developers work with Symfony alongside a host of other PHP frameworks to create robust applications and software solutions that meet all of your business requirements.

Project rescue

If you have a Symfony or PHP project that isn’t delivering on its promises, we can help you to get it back on track. We can rescue your existing projects and ensure we make them a success.

Ongoing maintenance

We’ll ensure your software stays up to date, runs at optimal levels at all times and avoids any performance issues that could slow down business growth. We pride ourselves on fine-tuning solutions to offer continuous improvement.

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