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Fintech startup Onetick Technology are the 2017 Insurance Innovator of the Year


We are proud to have assisted Onetick Technology, in their win of the 2017 Insurance Innovator of the Year award, at the FinTech Business Awards. Last year, Intergy were engaged by fintech gurus, Onetick Technology, to develop a disruptive web-based automated risk and governance system. The ‘bricks and mortar’ factoring and finance companies are disjointed; relying

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How to overcome the risks of embarking on a technology project


Whether you’re planning to update your software, improve your IT security, or embark on another technology project, there’s little question that you’ll be facing numerous risks as you embark on this new project. Failed IT projects can damage your company and negatively affect its reputation, while successful projects can increase productivity and lead

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Reaching digital maturity: How to influence your stakeholders

Technology, Business transformation|

According to the study Digital Maturity: The Next Big Step, sponsored by Ricoh and conducted by Coleman Parkes Research, 71% of the business leaders surveyed reported that they’re confident their business can transition to digital maturity within just five years. According to the study, 77% of leaders are prioritising the achievement of digital maturity.

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Why choose a custom software solution

Custom software development|

There are many advantages to choosing a custom software solution, however many business owners can overlook these advantages when faced with the initial costs of development. When your company is beginning to hit a growth phase, it can sometimes seem easier and quicker to choose a pre-packaged solution, particularly if you haven’t used

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How Facebook, Google and Twitter logins are helping public websites to make customer interaction more dynamic


According to LoginRadius, 80% of users online dislike traditional registration forms, and 73% of people prefer to use their social media accounts to log in. Once most people log in to their social networks, they generally won’t log out, and since the majority of internet users have an account with at least one

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