elcomCMS for websites

elcomCMS has the full functionality needed to help you meet your website objectives.

elcomCMS provides you with the tools to implement a professional, content-rich, engaging and interactive website. The intuitive design makes it easy for marketing managers, administrators, content authors and non-technical users to navigate and use the platform whilst providing a robust and flexible platform for front-end developers to design and build a website that will set you apart from your competitors.


elcomCMS for websites

  • SEO friendly CMS
  • Multi-site capable
  • Feature-rich with over 70 included base features
  • Additional modules available to enhance your site
  • Intuitive design for non-technical users
  • Easy to get up and running


Writing and maintaining content is simple for all levels of user. The WYSIWYG editor supports all common functions (similar to Microsoft Word) including formatting, find and replace, spell check, paste from word, cut, copy and paste, insert images, tables, Flash, multimedia, article elements, special characters and much more.

Content Collaboration

Easy management of ALL content, including articles, images, video and audio from one easily searchable screen.

Form Creator

Capture data from users of your website. Designed for the everyday user allowing you to create Feedback, Inquiry and Quote request forms.


Comprehensive audit processes for approval of content and forms through your Intranet. Allows complete parallel workflow and branching functionality.

And more…70+ base features!

Speak to us about your specific requirements to see how elcomCMS can be configured to meet your requirements.