elcomCMS for Intranets

Open communication channels within your organisation. Increase quality and consistency with an elcomCMS intranet.

elcomCMS makes the management of your intranet easy, effective and time-efficient. Your intranet can now be your organisation’s central point for content, communication and collaboration resulting in the immediate reduction of costs, increased productivity and enhanced quality.


elcomCMS for Intranets

  • Centralise communication across your organisation
  • Integrate elcomCMS with SharePoint, EDM, CRM or other internal systems for streamlined management
  • Provide your team with central access to a knowledge base of information
  • Secure environment controlled via user and permission settings
  • Designed and implemented to your organisational requirements
  • Additional modules available to meeting functional needs
  • And more!

The elcomCMS intranet pack comes pre-packaged to help get you started.

  • Corporate Directory

    Search and browse your company’s staff directory, integrate with Active Directory and export results.

  • Document Lists

    A powerful way to automate how lists of available documents are displayed on each page. This can be based on metadata, keywords and permission settings and security groups.

  • Events Manager

    A complete event management system for organising public and private events. Supports attendance limits, credit card payments, group bookings, alerts, SMS reminders and much more.

  • Resource Booking

    Provides the ability to book and manage resources i.e. meeting rooms, demonstration equipment etc. Resources booked will then appear in a calendar view.

  • Surveys

    Create and report on in-depth surveys or tests. A large range of answer types (date, numeric, text, multiple choice, drop down lists, etc.) are supported along with time based testing, anonymous and invitation only scenarios.

Speak to one of our consultants to understand how we can customise this Intranet pack to meet your exact requirements.