Software Auditing

Our Software Auditing service is an independent review of a business application conducted by our team, whereby the system functionality, security, performance, processes and procedures are all examined. Any critical issues are raised for possible action. Furthermore, it is used to determine areas of weakness that could be improved. Intergy has extensive experience auditing a variety of business applications enabling us to pinpoint shortfalls and suggest practical and cost effective solutions to overcome them.

 Software Audit Service Australia

What services are included in an Intergy Software Auditing Service?

Technology, Architecture, Performance and Code Review

Technology and Architecture decisions will have a major impact on the overall quality of business software and the return on your investment. Is your system built for tomorrow not just for today? Is your system using the most suitable technology for its purpose? Does the architecture support future enhancements and data volume requirements? Intergy will analyse your architecture and code and help you in identifying where you are falling short of software development and coding best practices.

A Technology, Architecture, Performance and Code Review will help you:

  • Confirm you have used the right technology and architecture
  • Improve scalability, usability, performance and reliability
  • Ensure the project can be maintained and extended easily in the future

Security Review

Security is a critical aspect of any application. Some of the applications built by Intergy (e.g. in the finance and banking industry) have been reviewed by independent third party security companies. Intergy has a deep understanding of many common security vulnerabilities that exist and the fixes that are required. Various aspects that Intergy look into are:

  • Authentication and Authorisation
  • Encryption
  • Backend validation of all inputs in the system
  • Auditing – Keeping track of users actions
  • Usage of SSL
  • Software licensing and protection mechanisms
  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 vulnerabilities

Database Structure and Performance Review

Database structure is important to make your application robust, scalable and performing to its potential. In a lot of applications, the database becomes a bottleneck. Identifying the structural and performance issues early leads to an easier resolution. Intergy will review your database to check for design, unnecessary data redundancy, data integrity issues, scalability, index and (importantly) non-optimal query issues. Also, we will make sure all the appropriate standards are followed.

Specification Review

In implementing a new project and/or enhancements on an existing project, user and design specification documents with proper mock-up screens are important aspects in increasing the chances of a successful outcome. Intergy can assist in analysing user requirements and producing thorough specifications that can be referred to throughout the software development life cycle.

User Interface Review

Most users don’t read user manuals (and shouldn’t need to) so it is important for the User Interface to be very intuitive and consistent. Many software applications have a poor adoption rate because of frustrated users (e.g. too many steps required, not clear how to perform a function etc). Intergy has extensive experience building clean and modern User Interfaces for both web and windows applications.

Search Engine Optimisation Review

If you have taken the time to create a great website, then it deserves to attract visitors and be admired! This review will ensure that company websites claim their fair share of internet real estate. Through the proficient use of the latest ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques, we help our clients boost their ranking on the major search engines.

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