Mobile Website Development

Today, statistics show over two thirds of all Australians have a smartphone. Furthermore, Australians are increasingly using them to access information which ultimately influence their buying decisions and opinion of your brand. Developing a professional website optimised for mobile devices is fast becoming essential for any business. Mobile websites developed by Intergy are crafted to work on all mobile platforms, such as iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia and Blackberry. Intergy has an expert team that can custom design an affordable mobile friendly website for your business.

Our mobile website development services include:

  • Responsive or Adaptive design
  • Implementing a Content Management System so you can manage content by yourself
  • Integration with your Social Media websites
  • Search Engine friendly mobile websites
  • Integration with Shopping Carts & Payment Gateways
  • Integration of your back office systems or full website contents with the mobile website

Globally, there are millions of people who own at least one mobile device. People spend significant amount of their time every day browsing the net, buying products, and many more through the use of mobile devices. The effect of the mobile phenomenon worldwide is indeed, undeniable. What does this tell businesses, then? One of the many implications of the mobile trend on businesses is the importance of mobile websites and presenting your online material in a focussed and optimised way for mobile consumption.

Importance of Mobile Websites

Enhanced Reach

Mobile websites make it easier to quickly reach target audience who are “on-the-move” anywhere and anytime.

Improved Branding

Mobile websites help improve brand recognition and loyalty among users.

Competitive Advantage

Because of the growing trend in mobile usage, it is with no doubt that utilising mobile websites will be a huge competitive advantage over those businesses still using desktop website which are typically incompatible for mobile consumption.

User Experience

By tailoring the website for mobile consumption, users find it more appealing to use mobile websites. Browsing a mobile website that perfectly fits the screen of the device and loads a lot faster instead of a desktop-size website, contributing significantly to user experience.

Increased Level of Enquiry

Through the “touch” function of mobile devices, mobile websites can integrate “touch-to-call/email” features which improve that rate of enquiries.

Visibility and Access

Since the website is on mobile format, it is visible and accessible to users 24/7.

Greater Audience

If your current website is not compatible or rendered with a collapsed design, you could be missing out a slice of your web audience. A mobile site can offer platform independence to your online marketing strategy.

Faster Speed

Mobile website optimisation largely decreases loading time which is always advantageous from users’ point of view especially considering the growing trend of Australian telco’s supporting 4G technology.

By utilising latest technologies, Intergy Consulting is the right partner for your company to deliver and optimise your content with high quality mobile development solutions. We will empower you with game-changing mobile websites that will give your company a competitive edge.

Here are links to a couple of sample mobile sites we have built:

Thalgo Australia

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