Professional Services Software Development

Want to streamline the delivery of your professional services?

By investing in professional services software development, you’ll be putting money back in your pocket with increased efficiency and productivity. You’ll also say goodbye to headaches and wasted time due to disorganisation and needless paperwork.

We provide software development services for many different businesses in the professional services industry. Professional services software development includes solutions for all businesses who sell services and charge per project and/or time spent. This includes financial advisors, engineers, consultants, accountants, advertising professionals, lawyers, architects, and more.

The businesses in this industry rely on software more than most, with many employees spending the majority of their day using their computers to track client specific interactions and billing.

What is professional services software development?

Professional services software development allows businesses to develop customised software, optimised back-end systems, and responsive websites related to delivering their core service offerings. Examples of professional services software development include timesheet, job management, field services, billing and invoicing, CRM solutions, mobile apps, and more.

With a fully integrated professional services software solution, businesses can use customised software that works for them. This allows businesses to meet the needs of both clients and employees simultaneously. This is particularly important for this industry, as they face unique challenges while selling intangible products such as knowledge and expertise.

While business owners in the professional services industry can focus on quality and productivity, their services can’t be standardised or “mass-produced”. Profits are achieved through facetime and billing hours with clients- all of whom have unique needs.  Never under or over charge again.

Professional service companies often find it difficult to balance productivity, personalised services, and knowledge management. One of the biggest challenges for these companies is churn. And business owners and managers need to keep staff motivated, productive, and invested in the company.

The professional services industry is changing. Employees now expect intuitive, streamlined technology that they can use on a variety of devices.

Many business owners are now realising the importance of reliable, secure, and scalable software and applications. These include both external and internal web apps, which increase staff efficiency and improve management visibility of the entire business.

How it works

At Intergy, our primary focus is usability and functionality. We want the use of your new software solution to become second nature for your staff. That’s why we consult with you to discover your pain points and find out what you need. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated web portal, an advanced mobile app, or an integrated software solution minimising double handling, we can help.

We’re committed to:

That’s why we test and retest all solutions before they leave our office. We also provide superior value and after-sale support, so you can easily get in touch with any questions. Looking for professional services software development to move your company forward this year? Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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Case studies: Professional services

one tick

Onetick Technology Pty Ltd

Industry : Professional services

We created a fully functional web-based automated risk and governance system with pre-repair financing, factoring decision analysis and reporting functionality.




Industry : Professional services

We created a web based job management solution to schedule recurring jobs and allocate resources in a streamlined and efficient way. This has enabled AFEA to automate their process and have greater visibility over their jobs.


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