PHP Development

LAMP (PHP, MySQL and Apache) is the best technology available in today’s rapidly changing web applications and website market.

LAMP development is often used to rapidly build customised e-Commerce and business systems. It’s also renowned for being highly secure and easily adaptable.

At Intergy, we use PHP to develop a wide range of applications including:

  • Ecommerce systems
  • Payment systems
  • Tracking systems
  • SMS interfaces
  • Booking systems
  • Custom websites
  • Scheduling Systems
  • And more

Why choose PHP Development

PHP is used in many different ways. It’s open source, which means PHP developers don’t need to pay to use it. Since it’s cross-platform, it can enable operation across many different operating systems, like MacOS, WIndows, UNIX, and Linux.

PHP allows developers to create attractive, dynamic websites. These websites encourage visitors to stay and learn more about your company, and can increase conversions. For businesses that already have a static website, PHP can be embedded into HTML, converting your website into a dynamic, bold space.

Since PHP development is a fast process, you can expect a fast turnaround time. When you work with us, our efficiency will quickly give you a solution that you may have needed for a long time. PHP also gives you a fast loading time, since it uses its own memory. This means that the workload of the server is dramatically reduced, and web apps like CRM and eCommerce have a faster development time.

PHP development is also very easy to scale. Our PHP developers ensure that you receive measurable results so you can calculate your ROI.

Another reason why PHP is so popular? Security. PHP is one of the most secure ways to develop applications and websites. This is because it has its own security layer, which protects you against threats like hacking and viruses.

How it works

At Intergy, we ensure your PHP development is a success. We collaborate with you throughout the development process so you can get the best possible results.

As soon as you get in touch, our PHP developers analyse the way your business runs and the type of application you’re looking for. The initial process is all about planning, so we can deliver an application that exceeds your expectations.

We want to create a PHP project that will help you grow your business.

Our projects aren’t completed until you’re 100% happy, and our stringent testing process means that we don’t consider PHP development to be completed until we’ve completed a number of checks.

We test and retest, until we’re sure that there are no bugs in your application and it runs like a well-oiled machine. Our service doesn’t end there though. We provide thorough after-sale support as you get used to your new application.

Sound good?

Get in touch via the chat box and let’s talk.

Case studies: PHP Development

Warm Fuzzy Foundation

Technology : PHP development

Warm and Fuzzy is a new business that aims to be the largest source of crowd funding for philanthropic purposes in the Australian community. It looks to change the nature of charitable giving by making it fun and engaging for users to donate to someone in need. The ultimate goal is to make giving a daily habit




Technology : PHP development

We created a web based job management solution to schedule recurring jobs and allocate resources in a streamlined and efficient way. This has enabled AFEA to automate their process and have greater visibility over their jobs.


tactical directions

Tactical Directions – interactive e-learning platform

Technology : PHP development

The interactive e-learning platforms empower teachers with an intuitive tool and challenges students with a fun and creative way of learning the various topic areas.


the australasian college of dermatologists

The Australasian College of Dermatology (DERMCOLL)(MemberManagement)

Technology : PHP development

We developed a custom site for built within WordPress. By selecting this platform, the solution remains scalable, flexible and easy to manage by the administration staff.


thalgo australia (blc cosmetics)

Thalgo Australia (BLC Cosmetics)

Technology : PHP development

We developed a custom e-commerce site, listing and detailing all of their products and services through a manageable administrative back end program.


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