These days, every businesses is looking for that edge; to create unique ideas to improve their customer experience, streamline back-end processing, and ultimately grow in a highly competitive market.  Custom Web application development, and using the latest technology intelligently, is a key strategy in achieving growth over the medium to long run.  

Standardized off-the-shelf/commercial solutions may be a good starting point for many small businesses, however, because they take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, they are usually very difficult or costly to adjust as your business grows over time, and requires more specific or sophisticated functionality. Our custom web application development services can help you stand out from the crowd, and transform your great ideas into a web application, which is fully owned by you.  This will enable you to handle higher transaction volumes more efficiently, and/or deliver an ever changing range of products and services, reaching a wider audience.  

Intergy is one of the preeminent Custom Web Application Development companies based in Sydney, and has provided reliable custom app development services to various businesses from start-ups to large scale business for over 15 years.  Intergy enables businesses to attain their goals through innovative custom-built web applications, which simplifies and streamlines business processes, not just for internal staff but also for end users.

Why choose custom web application development?

The main advantage of custom web application development services is that web applications can be tailor made to meet individual businesses unique requirements. Custom business web applications provide end-to-end centralised processing from any location, which helps improve operational efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, increase productivity and reduce administrative overheads.

The custom web application: the quintessential component in contemporary businesses

Custom web apps consist of sleek (yet sophisticated) internal and external browser-based applications, helping to keep your team stay organised, stress free, and drive your company’s growth.  These systems will typically operate from any modern browser, with zero installation of third-party tools.  Most web applications are also designed to be mobile responsive, meaning they can be used on any device including a tablet or smart phone.

Being technology agnostic, Intergy evaluates each project and selects the most appropriate technology for the project. Because it is common for web apps to change over time, designing for flexibility from the start is critical for a successful project over the long term.  That way, as your business evolves, so too can your business systems.

Our recent web application development projects include the following Programming languages, frameworks, tools, and databases:

Server-side web development:

  • Development Platforms Application – Microsoft.NETPHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Node.js
  • Web Servers – Microsoft IIS, Apache
  • Databases – Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Client-side web development:

  • JavaScript library (React.js, jQuery)
  • JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Vue.js)
  • VBScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • Bootstrap

Our custom web application developers ensure custom apps developed by us are future ready and extendable to support your evolving business requirements.

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