Warm and Fuzzy Foundation

Web application solution

Warm and Fuzzy is a new charity that aims to be the largest source of crowd funding for philanthropic purposes in the Australian community. It looks to change the nature of charitable giving by making it fun and engaging for users to donate to someone in need. The ultimate goal is to make giving a daily habit.

The Solution

The solution

We partnered with Sydney creative agency Radar and worked together to understand the scope and requirements from the client, Warm Fuzzy Foundation. We developed the website with technologies such as Symfony, Bootstrap, MySQL and JQuery. They are popular for rapid development on responsive and mobile-first web designs, through the use of reusable components and libraries.

Benefits and features

Benefits and Features

New charity start-up

We built an online donation community that engages people in need with those who have a big heart, and want to give help. The community provides a new channel to support the on-going goals of other charity organisations.

Innovative customer experience

The website comes with its unique rewarding scheme that aims to motivate members to support others and continues to be active in the Warm & Fuzzy community.

Customer insights

Members can login and access their personal profile. They are able to review details, such as their influence on others, the rewards scheme, fuzzy records and causes.

Simplicity for high efficiency

Simplicity for high efficiency

The application comes with a backend portal for administrators to manage the web site and the community efficiently.


The web application and user interface were developed in PHP technologies using the Symfony framework. A MySQL database was used for both data storage and retrieval.

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