Online car and courier booking and invoicing

VerbaCorp required an online system that would seamlessly integrate with Transpac, their internal back office system for courier booking.

The Solution

The solution

We developed an online booking and invoice application for use in the courier industry.

Benefits and features

Benefits and Feature

Streamlining processes

The new online system embraces system integration and enhanced functionality. VerbaCorp’s service offering has greatly improved as the system operates in real-time, providing maximum visibility of job bookings.

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

The online booking system plays a vital role in the courier industry as bookings can be completed simultaneously by multiple users and integrates with the back office, Transpac application, which was developed by Software Integrators. The online system has a separate address book for each customer, allowing them to store their regular booking addresses and streamline the booking process entirely.

Features include instant booking notifications, job booking notifications and rob reports, along with job tracking- allowing customers to have maximum visibility of their job bookings in real time.

Greater business transparency

Within the back office system, users initiate a bulk run of tens of thousands of invoices and statements. The new online application then allows VerbaCorp to bulk print, email, or FTP these invoices and statements to customers in different output formats such as PDF, XML and TIFF.  Behind the scenes, compressed XML input is transmitted to the SOAP web service.

Greater business transparency

Reduced operation costs

The new system is completely automated-meaning that less manual work is put into processing bookings, tracking delivery status, and generating reports. As a result, business processes have been streamlined- greatly improving efficiency while reducing operating costs.


User Interfaces for the online booking and invoice application were developed using Java servlets, applets and JSP.  SOAP Web Services are used to interface to the QAS Address Validation service, and a MySQL database is also used. Apache FOP objects are used to convert XML files into PDF/XML using stylesheets (created in Altova Stylevision). All reports are exported dynamically as PDF objects using PDFLib, Apache FOP components and Ghostscript.

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