We are proud to have assisted Onetick Technology, in their win of the 2017 Insurance Innovator of the Year award, at the FinTech Business Awards.

Last year, Intergy were engaged by fintech gurus, Onetick Technology, to develop a disruptive web-based automated risk and governance system. The ‘bricks and mortar’ factoring and finance companies are disjointed; relying on printouts, scans, manual checks, handwritten notes and a few post-it notes to get by. Onetick knew the industry needed a solution to benefit the smash repairer such as zero forms to fill in, nothing to scan and email, instant approval and for Onetick, be able to handle higher volumes of applications with lightening fast approval thanks to some smart algorithms. The Onetick Technology team knew what they needed from their system, and we brought in our extensive system building expertise to add value and bring it to life!

We developed a system which allowed input from multiple stakeholders, pre-repair financing and factoring decision analysis, and reporting functionality, and did all of the above much faster than was ever possible before.

The Onetick team were great to work with – their passion for delivering real solutions to the smash repair industry is evident in everything they do – which is why we’re proud to be supporting them in their nomination for the 2017 Fintech Business Awards in two both areas as Insurance Innovator of the Year and Payments Innovator of the Year.

Onetick Technology are fast, paperless and endlessly innovative – they’ve got a great system to support them on their journey.

Read more about what they do at http://oneticktech.com.au.

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