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4 ways to reinvent your sme business

Business transformation|

You may not have considered reinventing your SME business or you may be considering a change due to personal circumstances or market forces. Re branding, reinventing, or even starting over could be the right choice now. "Businesses built to last are capable of being reinvented as often as necessary. They’re also built by

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Finding the right tool to increase my workforce productivity

There is an overwhelming myriad of tools, apps and services aimed at increasing workplace productivity. This overload of information can in fact become counterproductive. Before looking for the right software solution to support your business process, it is important to outline what your business processes are. By mapping out the steps involved and

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How is the mining industry embracing innovation?


The last couple of years have been challenging for the Australian mining industry. There have been more than 2,000 job cuts within the industry so far this year, with hundreds more at risk as companies continue to respond to the drop in commodity prices. Mining companies are focusing on scaling back workforces, suspending

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How the australian healthcare industry is stepping up to the innovation table

Technology, Innovation|

Innovation in healthcare is central to delivering better care, improving the health system and providing an improved experience for patients. Australia has an ageing population, and as disease profiles change and new health priorities emerge, spending on healthcare continues to escalate. While technology plays a key role in healthcare innovation, it’s important that

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3 practical ways to grow your healthcare business

Australia’s healthcare industry is growing and changing at a phenomenal rate, particularly as healthcare providers embrace new technology, allowing them to provide better treatment for their patients. As we face an ageing population we need to embrace systems that improve efficiency. 13% of the Australian population are currently aged 65 and older, this

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