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3 ways to innovate and grow your business


New technology, processes and products have become critical as many companies struggle to remain competitive against increased competition. Most businesses want innovation as one of their core values, and to have a reputation for being innovative- especially since many surveys point to innovation as one of the most important factors in success. Innovation

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Low staff engagement is your enemy – here are 5 ways to defeat it

Staff engagement, Productivity|

The secrets to an engaged and productive workforce When your staff members care about your business and are engaged, they will use discretionary effort. That means a retail staff member will clean up after a messy customer when the boss isn’t around, the computer programmer will stay past their shift for that big project without

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5 opportunities to increase your productivity


Business owners are often thinking about whether they and their employees are being as productive as possible, and for good reason. Businesses in Australia are competing globally with countries such as India and China, where labour costs are just a fraction of what they are here. Productivity is about how well a business

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How to transform your business to make it irresistible to customers

Companies face a quickly changing world where Uber can be the largest taxi company without owning a single vehicle, Facebook is a media company without content production, and Menulog, is a food delivery service owning no restaurants. What may have worked ten years ago for businesses is often outdated today, and those that

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4 ways to reinvent your sme business

Business transformation|

You may not have considered reinventing your SME business or you may be considering a change due to personal circumstances or market forces. Re branding, reinventing, or even starting over could be the right choice now. "Businesses built to last are capable of being reinvented as often as necessary. They’re also built by

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