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How to escape excel hell in your business

Excel has hundreds of millions of users and is the world’s most popular spreadsheet software. Excel’s simplicity of data organisation has ensured it’s the most frequently used tool for reporting. But it doesn’t take long for your business to accumulate big data which is far beyond the program’s capacity. Once this happens, you’re

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5 ways to determine whether your reporting software stacks up

Business reporting plays an integral role in how you manage your business. By analysing these reports, you can gain key insights into trends within your business. You can then use these insights to take strategic actions in order to increase profits. Recently, more and more business owners are considering whether their reporting software is doing

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Will your future employees be robots?

We all know that robots are slowly taking humans’ jobs. And while some countries are embracing automation and artificial intelligence, Australia is beginning to fall behind the pack. China is hoping to become a global leader in artificial intelligence. The country’s goal is to have $59 billion of output in artificial intelligence by

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Signs you may need business software development services this year

If you’re leading a growing company, your management goals have probably become more difficult to attain over time. Running a growing business and trying to juggle all the different aspects of technology, administration and operations can be chaotic. You may be planning to challenge some of the heavy hitters in your industry, and

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What is database development?

Most businesses run on databases. These systems can store a huge amount of data, while sorting it and delivering it back to you at the click of a button. Databases help both business owners and employees to organise and track inventory, employees, and customers. Database development involves the development and maintenance

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