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3 practical ways to grow your healthcare business

Australia’s healthcare industry is growing and changing at a phenomenal rate, particularly as healthcare providers embrace new technology, allowing them to provide better treatment for their patients. As we face an ageing population we need to embrace systems that improve efficiency. 13% of the Australian population are currently aged 65 and older, this

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Building australia’s competitive advantage in construction through innovation


The last couple of years have been challenging for the construction industry in Australia. Slow growth rates in China have made investors hesitate to commission new projects and expand those that already exist. This is an industry that accounts for 8-12% of Australia’s total economic activity and employs hundreds of thousands of Australians.

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What’s new in construction innovation?

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It’s an exciting time to be a part of the construction industry given the rate of change and innovation. Recent progression in 3D printing technology has meant it’s now used to print glass, metal, glue, plastic, food and even human tissue. 3D printing will revolutionise the construction industry, reducing labour and allowing builders

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What does digital transformation mean to your business?

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If your business is in the midst of a transformation or is heading in that direction this year, you’re not alone. Of the 900 respondents that were surveyed for the Business Transformation and the Corporate Agenda Report in 2014 (Forbes), 93% said that they had just completed, were planning, or were in the midst of

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What is innovation and what does it mean for your business?

For businesses aiming to be competitive on a global scale, there are often many buzzwords thrown around- so much so that these words begin to lose their meaning. The word “innovation” is one of them and it can refer to everything from the introduction of a new colour of Post-It note to the release of

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