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How to perform a legacy software system health check

If you have a legacy software system, you may be wondering if and when you’ll need to upgrade. Legacy software can cause a number of problems for your business, but since a total upgrade is typically a large expense, it’s a good idea to perform a legacy software system health check to determine when this

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How to update your legacy software system without it costing the earth

If you’re sick of slow, buggy software and huge maintenance costs, and you’ve finally decided to update your legacy software system, congratulations! Once you’ve decided that it’s time for a change, the next step is figuring out exactly how this update will happen, and how you’ll keep the costs under control.

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5 ways to determine whether your legacy software system is at risk

Legacy systems will often last for years, especially when they’re upgraded and patched along the way. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your old systems? Just like with an old car that continually needs repairs and maintenance, eventually it’s worth replacing it instead of continuing to throw money at it.

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Here’s why you need mobile website development

If you haven’t yet considered the benefits of mobile website development for your business, this is the year you need to do so. For businesses planning for growth in 2017, mobile website development is critical. Here’s why: Responsiveness Your website should adjust depending on the device that’s being used to access

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Extending business applications to mobile devices

While many business owners know they should be investing in mobile applications in order to scale effectively, it can be difficult to see how this technology can be implemented within your specific business. Extending business applications to mobile devices is becoming a priority for companies around the world. But to achieve a scalable,

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